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November 2023 Ballot Info

Updated: Jun 25

This year's election is very low key and will depend to a great deal on who votes.

We hope you have seen the signs for Deirdre Hay around the county. She is running for a seat on the New York Supreme Court in the 6th Judicial District. She is an experienced litigator and has worked on complex, high-value cases in Federal and Supreme courts. She also has represented individuals especially in divorce cases and a dairy co-op.

Please vote for Deirdre. (Visit her website here).

Today, Sunday, there is early voting at the Tioga County Board of Elections at 1062 State Route 38 in Owego from 9 to 5. Early voting ends November 5th, but there's still Election Day at your local polling station.

Additionally, there are two propositions on the ballot which are non-controversial unless voters see the word "debt" and vote against them because they don't like debt. The first proposition would allow school districts in small cities to have the same debt limit as other districts in NY if the local residents wanted the debt.

The second proposition extends the current exemption of debt for sewage treatment plants from the local municipality debt limits. This has been in effect for 20+ years but it ends at the end of December if it isn't extended. Again, no additional debt will occur unless local voters vote for the debt. Wanting clean water is not a partisan issue.

Please make a plan to vote--and vote!

2023 Statewide Ballot Proposals


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